Board of Directors

Hamish Harris – Executive Chairman

Hamish holds a Bachelor of Commerce and has held positions within market risk management at a number of financial institutions including Nomura Group, Deutsche Bank AG and BZW plc in Singapore, Hong Kong and London.

Mr Harris is a member of both the Audit and Remuneration committees.

Donald Strang – Executive Director

Donald is a member of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants and has been in business over 20 years, holding senior financial and management positions in both publicly listed and private enterprises in Australia, Europe and Africa. He has considerable corporate and international expertise and over the past decade has focussed on mining and exploration activities.

Peter Ruse – Non-Executive Director

Peter is a finance professional with over 12 years of extensive experience in Equity Funds Management and Private/Institutional Wealth Management specialising in Mining/Minerals and Industrial related sectors.

Peter is a member of both the Audit and Remuneration committees.